Get the most out of your song! With industry-standard expertise and equipment, I will mix and master your song to make it radio-ready! You can choose between three major packages:

50 $
You want a properly mixed and mastered song
Best for upcoming artists, who want to make more out of their amazing song
Basic Mixing (Balancing, Equalizer, Compression, Spacing)
Advanced Mixing (Automations, Effects, Advanced Dynamics)
Basic Mastering (Radio-ready loudness mastering + basic sweetening)
Advanced Mastering (Advanced Sweetening, Saturation, Referencing in modern or vintage style)
Up to 12 tracks of a song
1 Revision
2 day delivery
FL Studio project file
Trackout (all mixed tracks in individual .wav files)
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400 $
You want it all.
Most comprehensive mixing and mastering service
Premium Mixing (Basic + Advanced + Arrangement Ideas, Sound Design Suggestions)
Premium Mastering (Basic + Advanced + Comprehensive feedback on the song)
Unlimited tracks of a song
5 Revisions
7 day delivery
FL Studio project file
Trackout (all mixed tracks in individual .wav files)
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One-day-delivery possible for extra charge of 50$

Why do you need mixing and mastering?


Even the greatest song ideas, sound designs and arrangements need mixing. Mixing the individual tracks of your song, as well as whole instrument groups (so called “busses”), helps clean up the song, tighten it up and ensure every sound sits exactly where it should be for a well-balanced, interesting mix


Mastering is the last step before your song is ready to be released. It helps the song achieving the “extra touch”, polishing it with sweetening and controlling its dynamics. Mastering is crucial to achieve the target loudness that is required by streaming services like Spotify. 

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If you like my beat styles but you would like to have a beat completely tailored for you and your purposes, feel free to contact me! Prices are flexible, depending on what kind of beat you want. I will produces any song and any genre you wish. Your satisfaction is my main goal.